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Mary Neely

Women's Live Online
Director and Content Curator
Mary Neely taught in women’s ministry since the nineties when she began Women’s Bible Fellowship at Warehouse Christian Ministries, Sacramento, California, where her husband pastors. She has mentored others as Bible teachers and discussion leaders.

Through the ’70s and early ’80s, she taught a weekly Tuesday night college fellowship with scores of young people attending.  She says ministering to women is where her heart is now. “Most work outside the home, many raise children alone, some have difficult marriages.  Statistically, they will spend many years of their lives solo—through divorce, widowhood, late marriage, if at all.  Life is hard, and I see them as heroic.”

When women understand how much God loves us, our faith will grow, and we will learn to lean on Him. We’ll understand why God created us and his plan for us. This series of lessons, “in the image of God…female", is a companion to a book she’s currently writing on this subject.

Jerilyn Cochran

World Vision Missional Exective
Jerilyn Cochran, a WCM Women’s Ministry alum, an experienced mom, professional international aide leader and bible teacher. Expect lively teaching, resources, and discussion about living influential lives now, standing our ground in adversity and preparing today for where the Lord may lead you tomorrow.

What to expect when you join a class

Live Interactive Video Conferencing

Each week your leader will begin with live teaching. Following the teaching the live interactive discussion of the week's lesson takes place. 

Discussion Time

Each Participant will have the opportunity to ask questions related to the study. There will be time to share prayers at each class end. Break out sessions are available for those needing in-depth explanation of a subject.

Downloadable Lessons

Downloadable Lesson Content. Each class includes independent study material and in some classes additional pre recorded video teaching or audio teaching. Each class will provide bonus content related to the study for those wanting to learn more.

Safe Space

A place where it's safe to have questions and discuss them openly.
 Additional study materials for independent study will aid in this. We want to encourage Christians in their faith and to be available to answer questions for those simply wanting to know more about the teachings of the Bible.

"Do not forsake wisdom, and she will protect you;
love her, and she will watch over you.
Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom.
Though it cost all you have; get understanding."

- Proverbs 4:6-7

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