With joy you will draw from  the waters of the well of salvation

Isaiah 12:3

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New Friday Night Study begins June 12 at 7 pm with Teaching Pastor Will Hoc

Starting on June 12, come join our Bible Study Series on the Book of Genesis, every Friday Nights with Pastor Will. This study will be live stream and live when we are able to meet in person.
Let us learn from the Book from which all the rest the Bible unfolds, laying and strenghtening the foundations of our Christian worldview.
In stark contrast and opposition with the philosophy and traditions of man, Genesis contains the answers to the most important questions of life, such as "Where did we come from?" "Why am I on earth?"  "What is wrong with the world?" or "How can wrong be made right?" The Gospel of Jesus Christ was foreshadowed from the very beginning as we will indeed find Christ and His cross from page 1 onwards.

Warehouse Bible Academy for Preschool through High school on Zoom
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